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Being accused of a crime can have significant consequences that can profoundly affect your personal freedom, reputation, and financial stability. An adept criminal* defense can be the crucial factor in determining whether you face imprisonment or have your charges lessened or dismissed altogether.

*Criminal offences summary convictions as regulated by law society of Ontario


Protect Your Criminal Record, Protect Your Driving Record, & Protect Your Professional License

Most traffic tickets include fines and demerit points, and negatively impact insurance premiums. Traffic tickets that do not include demerit points, might still impact your insurance rate. The best path to protection of your insurance rate, and preventing demerit points, is by having legal knowledge and courtroom experience on your side, fighting your traffic tickets, Criminal Charges, & Regulatory Discipline matters.

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Traffic Tickets

Getting issued traffic tickets, whether it’s for disobeying stop signs, careless driving or speeding, can significantly affect your driving privileges. Such infractions can result in demerit points, hefty fines, license suspensions, and even imprisonment. Moreover, they can considerably increase your insurance premiums or render you uninsurable.

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Facing criminal charges can have life-changing implications that can impact your personal liberty, professional standing, and earning capacity. A skilled criminal defence can make all the difference between a jail term and a reduced or dropped charge.

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Explore our diverse range of other legal services tailored to meet your specific requirements.


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Our team comprises criminal defence paralegals who possess a comprehensive knowledge of the law.

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We have presented over 10,000 satisfied individuals, we are one of Ontario's most experienced legal team.

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Our legal team can assist you in setting aside your criminal record.

Our Experience

We have experienced legal professionals who are familiar with court protocols and law enforcement procedures.

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Avoid incarceration

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